Relocating to Coastal Sonoma? 6 Ways to Prepare

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Moving can be a big change, especially if you switch school districts, climates, or countries. If you’re looking to move to the Sonoma Coast, there are quite a few things to consider when adjusting to your new life. After all, even the various regions of California are vastly different from one another. So, if you need some help reimagining your new lifestyle, here are six tips to help you along the way.

The packing process

Before you can dive into life in California, there’s an important step you have to get right packing!
Packing is not fun. But it’s crucial to tackle the process early and not wait until the last minute. Prioritizing packing can lead to an overall smooth move and help you begin your new life on the right foot. To start, tackle early packing long before your closing date.
The best way to do this is by putting away unnecessary knick-knacks and clearing out low-traffic rooms so that you’re not rushing around at the last minute. Picture your future Sonoma Coast home as you decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Where do you plan to put your belongings? Packing according to how you expect to organize your future home is a great way to make your unpacking process more manageable. Check out this helpful online prep list for specific advice.
Then, when it comes to moving from one house to the other, consider hiring a moving service. Movers are beneficial for many reasons, including making your move less stressful, relieving you of the physical burden of heavy lifting, and keeping your furniture and new house in top condition.

Increase your coastal wardrobe

Living by the coast and in Bodega Bay is very different from living inland, especially if you plan to go out and enjoy the beach. Sonoma coast sits between a cozy 45-70 degrees for most of the year. To adapt, you’ll need to update to a coastal-friendly wardrobe. The most sought-after Sonoma Coast real estate is on the water, so you’ll need a good selection of clothes for easy layering. Especially in the evenings when the temperature drops significantly.
The switch should be pretty simple if you’re moving from a similar climate. Add a few more bathing suits, grab a couple more sandals, and increase your stash of sun-friendly hats. However, if you’re moving from a cold climate, you’ll need to add a whole host of light, breezy clothes for warm summer days in Sonoma.

Switch out non-applicable gear

Whether moving from out of state or within California, you’ll have to sell some of your region-specific gear, vehicles, clothes, etc. For example, if you bought a big pickup truck for back roads and deep winter, you might want to trade it out for a more sensible hybrid vehicle or car. It will make driving and parking in bustling California easier. If you’re looking forward to a life of California off-roading, consider a Jeep, the Cali-friendly all-terrain vehicle.
Sell or donate a good chunk of your winter gear, including boots, wool hats, and the like. While you can and should keep cold-weather clothing for Northern California’s notoriously cool evenings, you won’t need an entire winter clothing wardrobe. Remember that winter adventures are found near Lake Tahoe, so if you like to ski, hold on to your gear.

Try out a few beach hobbies

If you want to become a regular Sonoma resident, you’ll have to adapt to the culture. That means that you should find yourself a beach hobby. Many locals enjoy the sun and surf, either through in-water activities like surfing, canoeing, and kayaking, or having fun beachside with things like jogging, sunning, volleyball, sandcastle making, and kiting. You can even take up scuba diving or dive for abalone after completing the local scuba training courses required to dive in the ocean.

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Think of the kids

You can do two things to help make the transition easier for your kids: research local schools to choose the right place for them and prepare family-friendly activities for your first weeks in Sonoma.
Parents looking to buy Sonoma Coast real estate or in Bodega Bay will be thrilled to know that many Sonoma County schools are in the top 10% of California. In particular, Austin Creek Elementary, Petaluma Accelerated Charter School, and Technology High School seem to be the best options spanning all grades.
Then, to keep your kiddos entertained and happy, help them fall in love with Sonoma county. Head to places like the Russian River Valley Resort Area, TrainTown, and the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. These (among many others) should be great places for your kids to have fun and learn to adjust to life on the Sonoma Coast. To keep the entire family entertained, take a short drive to Sonoma Valley and imbibe at a family-friendly winery, like Larson Family Winery.

Research local activities

Photo Courtesy of Tides Wharf Restaurant and Bar

You'll want something to do after you move into your Sonoma Coast home. After all, you likely won’t know many people in the area yet, so you’ll need some activities to break up all the monotony of unpacking. So, while you can enjoy local festivals and other big events over time, you might want to participate in some Sonoma County activities that you’re super excited about, like oyster shucking, wine tasting, and hiking.

A few of the coziest places to enjoy as you’re settling down in Sonoma County are local restaurants like Drake’s at The Bodega Bay Lodge, Tides Wharf Restaurant and Bar, and Fishetarian Fish Market. You could also head to local movie theaters like North Bay Movies or Sonoma Movies. Golf enthusiasts can head to Sonoma Golf to get a feel for their new hometown course.
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